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tv   WBZ News  CBS  January 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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cbs news. tonight the nation's capital buried in snow as the a blizzard hits the mid-atlanta a hard and moves up the east coast. one case, a pick up truck had to tow a fire truck that got stuck in the snow. washington, d.c., could get close to 3 feet by the time this is over. >> in new york city, the only way to get around is on foot. after the mayor been as all nonspecial vehicles on the road. it's a record snowfall for the big apple. and white out conditions south of boston. this is a live look where coastal concerns are adding to the answer sigh it there. >> -- anxiety there. >> and a live look in boston where the snow is coming down,
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some spots in the south shore, got clobbered by the storm. good evening. i'm glenn mccloud. >> thank you for joining us. eric fisher joins our team covering. he is live. >> reporter: good even. out here at mobile weather lab. when we left boston, a nice, gentle snow. when we got to the cape, could not see the water. starting to look at some improving conditions. we still have the snow coming down. it's not quite at the same veracity. see the lens still dancing in the wind here. over 40 miles per hour. early on we had winds over 70. it's also created some power outteenages. grasping on to the power lines and blizzard conditions. let's take a lack at overall situation and the radar shows the storms slowly starting to roll its way out to sea. stalled out for a little bit
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toward the east. finally at places like washington, d.c., new york, where they're likely to see their greatest snowstorm ever recorded. snow totals very impressive here on the cape. easily a bulls eye. over a foot in some areas. also impressive totals in martha's vineyard andman tuck et. and a little further north of that, very little. once you head to northern massachusetts and new hampshire, nothing at all. a flurry. that was it. out of storm. they even saw the sun in new hampshire for much of the afternoon on the rorie zone. big -- on the horizon. a storm that really reminds me
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very similar here. and barry burbank is track the forecast and he has much more on that. >> all right. certainly nothing substantial from here on out. so the total snowfall map looks like this. virtually nothing near the board. ranging 1-3 north and west of boston to close to 5 or 6 or 7 around the boston area and right up along the immediate north shore communities that 3- 6 belts down into portions portions portions portions of plymouth. and few exceptions where it didn't get quite that much. but over the cape, quite a lot there. but there isn't going to be that much more as the band is shifting southeast ward. it's been pretty cold here. it dropped in boston as well. but it isn't going to drop that much more as we go through the night. the wind is going to continue to the blow. but gradually decrease. the snow will finally end first thing in the morning and the
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so you folks in the cape will see a lot of sunshine as well as we go into be the 20s and 30s. that's the way it looks right now. the it looks like the wind is still going to be a factor. that causes the tides to be a little bit above the average. and just some miner splash over and minor flooding. and tomorrow morning close to noontime, that tide is scheduled to be higher. but the wind at the same time is going to be around more to the north, northwest. never the less, going to be some big waives. so minor to moderate pockets of flooding. that's when a coastal flood watch is currently up. about the rest of the week, we'll take a look at that in just a few minutes. >> all right. thanks. and as barry mentioned, communities along the south shore are worried about possible flooding. jim smith continuing our live team coverage. >> reporter: you heard barry, and now we're getting some
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what he's talking about. here in sich -- scituate. right now at high tide here. as you can see. you can see the ocean is absolutely boiling. still getting some high winds. even while all of this is going on, people living here, seem well prepared. >> we were very lucky and we miss and big bullet. >> reporter: brenda bullet taking a deck on her long deck. says the easterly high tide came right up. >> this is what my husband did to protect the house this year and we feel really safe because that's wood and we don't think any waves are going to get through it. >> reporter: the wiped was howling all night long. a -- the wind was howling all night long 37 blowing snow bends off of the atlanta. the 11:00 p.m.
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but the south shore seems to be weathering the storms. >> we remember the big storms. the blizzard of '78. and last year. all of the storms from last winter. you can't beat last winter. >> this is just a walk in the park. >> compared to last year when we were clobbered with storm after storm every sunday night. >> reporter: some storms had scattered power outages but scituate did not seem to have any. he likes snow but the problem is not the snow down here. it's the windy conditions and the tidal surge we're getting right now as we said. high tide scheduled to hit even as we speak here and you can see the water boiling behind me. town officials acknowledge that they are expecting minor to
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as barry was talking about there's actually more concern about the high tide on sunday. even though the storm will be leaving the area. the effects will linger on the high tide on sunday might be a lot like this. live, wbz news. back to you. thanks. careful on the rocks. as turns out boston whether this storm. road. flights canceled. no so much because of snow here but because of snow at major airports elsewhere. live in coply square tonight. >> reporter: there's several inches on ground hear. folks say this is no big deal. from work. to play. several inches of snowfall along with wind gusts from a mid-atlanta storm makes its way up to boston. >> i'm, you know, trying to brush this car off. all of the snow picking up
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>> mauved to boston six -- moved to boston six months ago. >> that is what we get penalized for. >> we really don't have the same amount of snow there. so it's a different experience. >> it's a little bit quieter. roads are a little slippery though. >> reporter: many are still trying to forget the blizzard of 2015. >> keep it on the cape. >> oh. >> reporter: indeed. the bulk of the snow is on the cape. reporting live, wbz news. let's talk about some other parts of east coast because strong winds and high tides are causing problems up and down the the -- coastline. streets along the jersey show are already flooded out. that's the same area hurricane
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baltimore also getting hit hard with more than a foot and half of snow so far. >> you knew this storm was huge but check out this picture from nasa. it stretches from florida to i england. >> reporter: a major snowstorm is still hammering the northeast. the foot traffic in new york city's time square was noticeably quiet. officials expect nearly 30 inches of snow in the big apple. >> the rate of the snowstorm continues to be intense between one and three inches per hour. >> reporter: major coastal flooding pushed water up to resident's doorsteps. philadelphia could get up to two feet of snow well before the storm ends. >> well beyond the idea of winter wonderland. >> reporter: this bride was going to the chapel to get
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after being stranded on the pennsylvania turnpike since friday night, the duquesne basketball team is finally on the move. a pair of 4 by 4 pick up trucks had to toe a ladder truck out of a jam. snow has been falling so fast, crews can't clear roads. sidestreets out of question and officials warn that could slow some 911 response times. >> our interest being able to move the first responders and getting our cities back open. >> reporter: more than 10,000 runways closed. washington. the storm expected to wind down overnight but our team of meteorologist will track it right through tomorrow. we'll have the latest on our at 5:00 a.m. let's take on our other top story now. let's tack this will story in fact. the patriots in denver to
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ticket to the yes, the super bowl. >> slight favorites to win. steve burrton joins us live now. >> reporter: this is pretty fortunate for peyton manning. normally he plays awful in bad weather. and today was a an absolutely gorgeous day and it might be in 40s for the game. although it's expected to drop a little bit. it doesn't matter. they know what they have to do to get it done. tom brady and the patriots lost here in the snow. peyton was out with an injury. and they're also on the loosing end of the afc championship here two years ago to peyton on a sunny day. so what is so tough about playing in denver? >> they got a great that tradition there and, you know, we played a lot of great bronco teams. beat them a couple of times but
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i would love to get to that number three in the win column. usually play them in the playoffs. we won our fair share. they won our fair share. even here. and i think that, i mean, there's enough motivation just in the game itself to want to do everything you can to win this one. >> the patriots say laser they know what they need to do tomorrow to get it done. steve burton wbz starts. donald trump generating more controversy on the campaign trail. >> coming up, his outlandish tradition of how loyal reporters really are. >> and local pets and pumped up
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>> a lot of people will be digging out.
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the des moines register has endorsed hillary clinton and the marco rubio. in the last two president cycle, the paper supported candidates who then lost the caucuses. republican frontrunner donald trump is also out in iowa. he had some bold predictions about the loyalty of his supporters. >> the polls. they say i have the most loyal people. did you ever see that? where i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. okay? >> he also went after radio host glenn beck. new york mayor michael bloomberg is thinking about running for president as an independent. he says he would seriously consider if the two main contenders were sanders or donald trump or ted cruz. the 73-year-old could
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billion dollar on his campaign. by this time tomorrow, we will know whether the patriots are really heading back to the super bowl. >> the only thing standing in their way is denver broncos. one more win, and they're in. kate is live in denver and we understand, you have been partying with the local pats fans. i hope on the company expense account. >> reporter: definitely. not only hanging out with fans, but look who i found here in denver. he's up awfully late. we are at a patriots party, where denver, patriot fans are here to support their team. they're rallies the troops the night before the big game and someone big wanted to come to say thanks tonight. [ music ] it is a party strictly for patriot fans in denver.
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the music, straight out of boston. this is the all new england. but in the middle of all of the preafc madness a super bowl size surprise. robert craft makes an unexpected appearance. the owner of the patriots telling wbz he had to be here tonight to say thanks. >> these fans are great. this is the sixth time coming to this event and look, you see, the mha. >> they love you here. >> it's great -- especially to have fans in denver. it's pretty special. >> reporter: once inside he fires up the already rowdy crowd. also givesty them an update on the team. >> they have an amazing game plan for tomorrow. >> reporter: these die hard fans can't get enough. >> look how many patriot fans there are. this is outstanding. and when you're a patriot fan,
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>> even bringing out super bowl trophy. and handing out six, fiftiy yard line tickets for their devotion. a small thank you for their support. >> we are all patriots. >> reporter: as you can see they are still very riled up. mr. craft saying they talked to players tonight and they are ready for a win tomorrow. he is 100% confident. and i think i have to believe him. live in denver tonight at best patriot party ever, back to you. >> she had to stay at that location. she i had to say it's the best ever. all right. let's move onto weather. yes, we have been dealing with this storm pretty much all weekend. >> and of course, eric fisher has been holding down the sort.
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been the case hit the hardest here in massachusetts. >> reporter: yeah. i'll tell you what when, kate comes back, i have a blizzard for her she can recover. wind. this took the brunt of the storm. the big e snow totals and right around the falmoth area. a little bit less snowfall. a little less wind. the flag pole was whipping a little less frequently. hours ago. the radar tonight, and how this storm is going. so a historic one. snow finally pulling out of places. and it's starting to exit new england as well. massachusetts to connecticut. some places going from 30 inches to 6 inches in 20 miles. so big time changes over the short distances. brunt.
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come at 1:00 a.m. likely to be the greatest snowstorm ever recorded in the history of new york. same story in the baltimore area. harrisburg, and in dc, you know, there's a whether the of conner is nation tonight. a lot of people who live down in the area, say that number is nowhere near high enough. many spots up to 30 inches. we'll see what the final number is during the overnight hours. now, as we take a look at what's going on a little bit closer to home, new york city, as you look at the standings, big numbers. to think we're beating some of these historic storms, just goes to show, if you're on one side of the line or the other, big time changes. so around here, we have gusts still over 40 miles per hour. starting to slacken up a little bit to the north. but much colder to the north. a nasty night for sure. and our peak gusts topped out at 70 miles an hour. many other spots here in south
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still windy tomorrow morning. so high tile right now, but another high tide tomorrow morning. maybe moderate pockets. and some splash over. so one last thing to watch. but all of the snow will be gone by tomorrow morning. definitely want the sunglasses ready for tomorrow. because a thick blanket of white. a lot of glare and a big change compared to last year. we got our snow and it was frigid. warmer temperature and a lot of what we see now is going to start melting away. take another look at the forecast. barry is back at the studio. we've got at least six days before we might have to worry about at storm again. >> yeah. doesn't look like anything for the next several days. we're in pretty good shape. going into a liberty of a dry spell -- a little bit of a dry spell. so folks have a chance to dig out here. the radar still shows the snow but as eric mentioned, the bands are weakening here. and everything shifting off to the southeast. so there isn't going to be much of additional accumulation.
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speaking of inches. east bridge water, six inches. and north redding at 2 inches and clinton on the 1.5. what a shame we couldn't have some of deep snows to the south. fall over the northern ski resorts. even though -- those here in massachusetts. i expect got a few inches perhaps. but maybe on up to bradford. places like that didn't get all of that much snow. hardly any. so, we've got a new storm sort of taking over the circulation here. this thing is all going to shift off this way. it's all going to pull away. tomorrow will be a nice, sunny day. sharp cut off. sharp grading of snowfall here. you can see right there. that so much fell to the south. not much off to the northwest. boston has the lowest temperature all over the place. it's 19 at logan airport.
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clear ling out -- clearing outtonight. for a nice day throughout. not nearly as bad as today. so here's any seven day forecast. there is some wind out there. isn't going to be much wind tomorrow. but still on the gusty side. sunny to partly cloudy on monday. with light wind on monday. very pleasant day. and then up to 46 on tuesday. brisk breeze out of the southwest, northwest wind. 40 degrees on wednesday. even right on through the first part of next weekend okay. but there could be something happening right now. dozen look like anything effect along saturday and sunday. back to you. thanks. take a look at this cute video. proving not everyone pseudothe blizzard as a hardship.
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of course pandas have the thick fur to keep them warm. coming up next in sports, we're on the big show down now the denver. >> we know about the brady- manning match up. we'll hear about the bronco's
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well, they call this bronco's country. welcome do downtown denver. we all know the patriots are cold weather team. there's no question about that. tom brady loves playing in the snow. but there's nowhere near snowing. it may snow a little bit tomorrow. right now it's about 45 degrees. so such is not the case. and here's the deal. what is the case?
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patriots have a chance to return to the super bowl in back to back seasons for the first time they have won in 2003 and 2004. i sat down with running back brandon woulden. for an interview you can see tomorrow on patriot's game day. >> you really have to think. put yourself in the mindset. tomorrow is not promised. i have to go in here, have to study. i still got to lift. still dot to make sure i'm in the best condition i can be, because you never know. we go out here and we lose, can i honestly say i was the best prepared i could be? was i in any decent shape? i did i feel like i was stronger than my opponent? >> reporter: which is why these guys are in their hotel room getting ready. now, you can tell this is a focused football team. >> yeah.
11:29 pm
the reason why the braun -- broncos are confidence because they're hosting. coach gary said the team had a good weak of flacket advance of the sunday's championship game. but he knows to expect the unexpected when facing a belle -- bill belichick team. >> his team is difficult to prepare for because they do so many things. their players handle a lot. when you play bill's teams you can show up on understood and work on one thing all week and they're doing something totally different. >> all right. so here's the amazing factoid of the week. >> go ahead. >> the stadium is d a stone's throw from here. the denver broncos. all season long. played at home.
11:30 pm
tom brady had three touchdown passes. at sport's authority field. peyton manning? one. and he was banged up a couple games but one. take that patriot fans. if you're looking for a vote of confidence. >> and three touchdown passes ifor brady without his weapon, nettleman. >> yeah. so you look at that. again, if the patriots can stop the run, denver ran for 179 in december. if they can stop the run, they would be in pretty good shape. and just one win away. >> yeah. they can. >> what a job you have. >> what a job you have. >> you just stand there. i do all of the work. i'm kidding. i'm kidding. >> reporter: all right. thank you very much. tomorrow wbz starts you off with a 2 hour patriot's game day and kick off the is a 3. and then joins for the fifth
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and to hockey. got a nice video tribute. campbells went to two cup finals. the bruins a two point lead in second period. the blue jackets would tie it at 2 and send the game to a shoot out. and in that shoot out, ryan spooner, scored to lift the bruins. past columbus and win it 3-2. on the eve of the night of the big game the patriots are in the hotel about to go to bed and gear up. because tomorrow cannot get here fast enough. that is the four from downtown den -- story from downtown denver. back to you. >> all right. now he's admitting. >> you know, it's the same thing here. i do all of the work and he just sits here. it's like whatever. >> somebody's got free load, right? >> appreciate it. just ahead.
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snow removal. >> how an injured veteran doesn't let anything get in his way. >> and a live look at radar on the stormy night. a final look at the forecast
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